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We help startups get their ideas out into the world and establish professional structures to achieve controlled and sustainable growth.

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We help SMEs get through critical growth periods and keep pace with the market.

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We help corporations streamline their processes and update their corporate cultures for the modern world.

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Porsche Zentren Berlin

„Our collaboration with berliner team has always been highly professional and based on complete trust. Our experience has been consistently positive, whether in terms of individual coaching, strategy support or employee and management development. We’re delighted to be able to work with such a reliable, competent and trustworthy partner.“

Patrick Henkel, Chairman of the Board of Management
EagleBurgmann Espey GmbH

„I have rarely come across a recruitment process as structured and efficient as berliner team’s Lean Recruiting. For an enterprise of our size, it would have been almost impossible to complete such a complex recruitment process within just three to four weeks. And then there’s the exceptional quality of the applicants which, combined with berliner team’s targeted interview guidelines, meant we were able to conduct far better interviews. We will definitely be working with berliner team again in the future.“

Markus Viertel, Managing Director

„As a medium-sized property developer and real estate asset management company, we were well aware that we would reach the limits of our growth potential at some point. When we did, all of our own restructuring attempts failed completely. Since 2009, we have been engaged in a change process that has been exceptionally well structured, coached and defined at every level by berliner team. In addition to their outstanding personal commitment, I was amazed by the pace at which they developed such a solid base of knowledge and understanding for our dynamic business environment and company structures. berliner team has earned the complete trust of our entire team and everyone at BEOS is really looking forward to fresh inspiration from our future cooperation.“

Dr. Ingo Holz, Founder and Member of the Supervisory Board
Siemens AG

„In today’s business environment, it is impossible to overstate the importance of precisely identifying high-potential employees from within an enterprise’s own ranks. A huge thank you to berliner team!“

Dr. René Umlauft, formerly CEO of Renewable Energy, CEO
Hewlett Packard GmbH

„Over the many years we have worked together, berliner team has proved to be a guarantor of quality, flexibility, universality and professionalism. We are therefore pleased to provide the most positive reference and look forward to building on the cooperation and support we enjoy with berliner team in the future.“

Gert Mamber, formerly EMEA HRGO Learning & Development, Subregion Lead Germany
Bayer Schering Pharma AG

„As part of the integration processes at Bayer Schering Pharma, we ran a three-day conference involving 92 quality assurance colleagues from 54 different countries. Utilizing “large group methods,” interactive exchanges between the participants and facilitators, and the development of solutions directly at participants’ desks, our workshop was not only lively, it was also extremely successful, coming to represent a milestone in our quality integration process. Last, but by no means least, the facilitator’s competent and humorous approach was rewarded with outstanding feedback from the conference’s participants. We are really looking forward to future projects with berliner team! Many thanks!“

Dr. Wolfgang Steven, Head of Integration Management

“„Walk your talk” is the magic phrase, and that is exactly what we experienced with berliner team! Their utmost professionalism and experience, combined with their absolute dependability, received impressive feedback from our participants. Thank you so much for such an extremely fruitful collaboration!”

Matthias Abold, Vice President Human Resources, Head of Learning & Development BU Europe
AstraZeneca GmbH

„Facilitator’s may be dime a dozen, but berliner team has always supported our management team with high levels of efficiency, a rich diversity of methods and a wealth of practical knowledge. berliner team understands the importance of humor, so working with their facilitators not only makes sense, it is hugely enjoyable.“

Richard Nagorny, CFO
Brinkmann GmbH – das Mercedes-Autohaus

„The enterprise with the best employees will always be the most successful. This statement – as simple as it is true – is what inspired us to introduce our professional staff development program in 2008. We know we can rely on berliner team’s professionalism and experience because they have already successfully helped us to identify and develop our employees’ key professional skills. As a valued partner, they have also made a valuable contribution to the integration of our business units.“

Knut Brinkmann, Managing Director
Berliner Team