Julija Mihovilovic

Is peace-loving, but well armed – for the War for Talent


As a psychologist with extensive experience as a recruiter in an international environment, Julija Mihovilovic knows the challenges in the War for Talent. That’s why she goes to the customer armed with only the most suitable tools. Her experience abroad has taught her that flexibility and openness are essential if you want to succeed in a globalized world. In addition, she also knows that companies need to adapt in order to survive in this age of digitalization. With extensive knowledge of personnel diagnostics and assessment, she supports companies in implementing effective and efficient recruitment management processes, in finding suitable candidates, and during the pre-selection process. And she doesn’t leave until she has made a clear recommendation for the desired position. She loves to work in a team to develop new solutions, so that her customers are faster than the competition and can attract the best employees.

Berliner Team