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Is not afraid of big animals and accompanies change, growth and strategy processes in top management
Rocks the office with confidence and takes care of your questions and requests
Likes to unearth treasures and support people in realizing their potential
Moderates design sprints and provides fresh ideas
Likes to help others over the threshold – in agile transformations and other change processes
Is curious – about people and agile change processes
Loves to see people grow and accompanies value-based and agile transformations
Usually keeps a cool head, but is passionate about his work as a systemic and agile consultant
Texting, texting, texting…she finds the right words for every occasion
Supports managers and teams in finding more freedom for independent work
Likes to be at home in many worlds
Likes to do theater – also as a trainer in companies
Is always on the move – also in the context of personnel diagnostics and development
Berliner Team