Kai Hübner
Loves to see people grow and accompanies value-based and agile transformations

As the founder of two companies, Kai understands well what it means to operate in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world and to navigate it successfully.

His two-year burnout rehabilitation phase also gave him a deep understanding of how to navigate this world not only successfully, but also sustainably and healthily.

As a systemic coach (ICF), Kai accompanies (leadership) personalities on their path to self-development. As a consultant for agile, value-based transformation, he also supports teams and organizations on their path to healthy high performance and an attractive working environment. As a certified Breath Coach and facilitator of various scientifically based mindfulness formats, he supports teams and individuals on their path to greater resilience.

In his private life, Kai is a keen cyclist, Thai yoga massage therapist and men’s circle facilitator. And convinced that the key to happiness lies in self-permission, acceptance and appreciation.

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