Kassandra Knebel
Likes to do theater - also as a trainer in companies

Kassandra Knebel has been doing corporate theater for 15 years. Whether Datev, Bombardier, Sparkasse or the Lions Club – it encourages people to leave their familiar paths, explore new terrain and be creative. Her workshops are about translating information into action, text and play, observing oneself and others in the process and exploring and understanding the background. It helps people to synchronize their emotions and intellect, exchange ideas with others and thus grow closer together as a team. She also trains managers in how to present themselves convincingly. The theater play, in which body language plays a major role, makes motivations of human action as well as psychological patterns visible. It is a way of communicating with each other and expressing emotions. There is plenty of room for laughter, because joking around is liberating – a good starting point for approaching things differently.

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