Oliver Grätsch
Is not afraid of big animals and accompanies change, growth and strategy processes in top management

Oliver Grätsch is firmly convinced that people in the right place, at the right moment and equipped with the right tools can bring about amazing changes. As a certified consultant for usability and user experience, he consistently focuses on the needs of the customer and works with them to develop what is “right”. He has been supporting companies, teams and individuals in change processes since 1995. His focus is on managing large-scale change projects, supporting growth and strategy processes at the highest management level and transferring these to day-to-day business. His own management experience has led him to the conviction that professionalism, integrity and personal responsibility, spiced up with a pinch of humor and a good dose of humanity, are the basis of economic activity. Professionally, he is influenced by NLP, systemic thinking, U-Theory and Design Thinking. One of his successful management projects is called “Family”, which he and his wife Susanne Grätsch have been working on 365 days a year for over 30 years.

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