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The berliner team is a management consultancy for change management and agile transformation. We think in terms of globalization. Solutions that make everyone involved a winner and support the shared flow from which positive synergies and added value for the big picture can develop. Such solutions are particularly crucial in times of uncertainty and rapid change and help companies to stay ahead in the digital transformation.

Above all, we see people in structures. And we listen to him. Instead of prefabricated solutions, we bring with us an excellently equipped toolbox and a wealth of experience. The latter tells us that better solutions are always found when we speak plainly and sometimes take unconventional paths.

Our expertise and wealth of experience grow with every customer. Our values, on the other hand, are fixed: your needs and wishes determine the direction of our thoughts and actions. We deliver what we promise. And we guarantee absolute confidentiality.

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01 \ Decency

Sounds old-fashioned? That’s true, but we’re all about good manners. And interpret decency in a thoroughly modern way: as respect for others and the careful handling of power and responsibility.

02 \ Freedom

We take the liberty of speaking plainly with our customers. Rigid concepts are restrictive, which is why we develop individual methods for each customer and are happy to break new ground.

03 \ Versatility

You could also say: “Because they know what they’re doing.” This is guaranteed by around 335 years of professional experience (combined), ongoing training and the passion with which we apply our skills.


welutions - for agile transformation

The global networking that we take for granted today, the associated technological change and demographic change present companies with different challenges today than they did 20 years ago. How does a company become innovative, adaptable and flexible in times of constant change? How do you attract the young people who inspire you and are “hungry”? With Welutions, we accompany you on the way to an agile, attractive and successful organization in the digital age.

Berliner Team