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Filter: Change management
Transformation versus change in the company: What’s the difference? When is which approach appropriate? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Where to start?
How can we ensure that our company remains successful? Why does a company need self-organization? And how does that work?
What are value systems? What do you need them for? What is the Graves Value System GVS?
Give constructive feedback: Imagine something is annoying you. You bring this up and… it actually changes! Easy, without stress & arguments. We’ll show you how it’s done
The Spiral Dynamics value model GVS: What is important to people? What is the Spiral Dynamics value model? What values are there? What are value memes and which ones are

Value management – what is it? – And what do I have to do with it? Why value management makes…

Changing values? – Is your company slow & inflexible? Your employees are unmotivated and you can’t find any new ones? – Time for a change in values!
Corona: How has the current crisis affected the behavior of managers? What kind of leadership has been successful in recent months?
What is it about agile leadership? Is agile leadership right for you and your company? What does it mean to be an agile leader? How exactly does that work?
Why is dealing constructively with mistakes so important for your company? How do you manage to establish a constructive error culture?
Agility and agile transformation are on everyone’s lips for a reason. Here you will learn in 22 steps how to implement a change process towards agility in your company.
Is agility just another trend for consultants to make money? What do we make of agile transformation? And what do the buzzwords agile methods, agile leadership and agile culture mean?
Here we show you our tried-and-tested method for easily creating a comprehensive persona, whether for design thinking or marketing.
Is your company struggling to find new employees? Why is that? What can you do to find suitable employees? We show you the 12 steps to employer branding.
Our YouTube video on agile leadership is online!
A retrospective – what is that? How do you improve collaboration within your team? How do you learn from disagreements and mistakes in collaboration?
Do you have the task of supporting a change in your company – as a change manager, project manager or employee? Here you can find out how to successfully manage
How does Scrum work in practice? What happens when you introduce Scrum in your company? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Is it really the ultimate solution for innovation and
What is Scrum actually? What is it good for? Where does it come from? Who is it suitable for? How does Scrum work? What are Sprint, Backlog and Scrum Master?
What is corporate culture and how can we perceive it? How can we change them? How to initiate a cultural change?
How has self-organization proven itself in practice? Who has had experience with self-organization, how did the company approach it, what went well, what didn’t?
Agile methods in comparison: Design Thinking, Design Sprint, Lean Startup, Scrum, Business Model Canvas. How do they work? Where are they used?
What are agile product development and agile service development? How can you implement this in your company? We show you the 6 basics.
Self-organization without managers – can it work? Experience reports and scientific perspectives at the 28th Leadership Lounge.
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